Hot galvanized factory

This unit consists of two completely separated halls, in the first hall, the stages of degreasing and derusting, and in the second hall, preheat and immersion in the melt bath stages are done. The dimensions of the melt bath are 700 cm long, 130 cm wide and 150 cm deep.

Design and construction of various steel structures

The design unit of the factory, with the cooperation of experienced engineers and the use of modern software for the design of metal structures, has the task of designing the subject of the contracts.

Galvanization of all types of lighting bases, telecommunications, etc.

In this unit, designing of structures is carried out by SAP software, accordance with the US Steel Code and with the help of architecture and urban planning experts and industrial designers, the design of the elements is addressed.

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Khavar Rooy

This company is the only one company that provides warranty on galvanization of steel structures according to ASTM A123 standard for lifetime product warranties to contracting companies.

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