Steel structures production

Steel Structures Manufacturing Plant

The design unit of the factory, with the cooperation of experienced engineers and the use of modern software for the design of metal structures, has the task of designing the subject of the contracts.

This section includes design and production units as follows: 

  Design and production unit for street and park lighting

In this unit, designing of structures is carried out by SAP software, accordance with the US Steel Code and with the help of architecture and urban planning experts and industrial designers, the design of the elements is addressed.


  Design and production unit of lighting towers

In the design of lighting towers, three types of structures are considered for this category of towers:

- A structure for placing light sources on movable baskets at specified heights with specified loads

- A structure for placing light sources on fixed baskets around a complete circular or regular multifaceted axis or a part of a circular or regular multifaceted environment.

- A structure for placing light sources on a curtain basket (curtain or stadium baskets)

  Unit of design and production of various types of telecommunication bases


This unit, relying on the software and infrastructure capabilities of the company, is able to design, construct and install all the metal structures - telecommunication towers - apparatus and accessories of BTS sites, and with the work of boarding and the efforts of its personnel and engineering staff, in the shortest time, it was able to receive the technical and computational and construction and galvanizing approvals of most of the BTS structures from the mobile communications company. So that, Khavar Roy is among the top 10 companies, which have approval of the communications company.

The major structures that the company has possibility and confirmation to build them include:

- Monopole towers 18, 24, 30 and 36 meters

- Self static towers 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 54 meters

- Roof Tops with elevations 3, 6, 9 and 12 meters

- Micro BTS towers up to 12 meters

  Design and manufacture unit for security and traffic camera bases

These bases, which are built for the purpose of deploying control and security cameras, have different heights based on the type of camera application. The most important item that is considered in security cameras is the problem of appropriate resolution and magnification of the camera at the required height (visibility range), which, regarding to mechanical state of the soil and the calculation of the proper height to prevent unwanted vibrations of foundations, are designed and constructed in this unit.

  Design, manufacturing and galvanizing unit of industrial halls

The unit works in the field of designing and constructing structures related to the building area and galvanizing them in areas with a high humidity environment, such as mushroom production sites, etc. For example, the construction of Solar Electric Kish Company halls in the Industrial township of Kish island and production halls in Melard mushroom. 

  Design and production unit for bases of traffic department

Design and manufacture of traffic problem gates

  Design and production unit of all types of power transmission towers

  Design and production unit of high pressure posts

  Design and production unit for refineries and petrochemicals


  Design and construction of airport transportation facilities

Khavar Rooy

This company is the only one company that provides warranty on galvanization of steel structures according to ASTM A123 standard for lifetime product warranties to contracting companies.

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