▼ In the field of manufacturing of towers, related to the installation of security and protective cameras for companies such as:

    Zaem Electronic Industries (Oil and Gas and Jam Petrochemical Industries)

    - Roof protection

    - Hafesin rahavard (Oil and Gas, South Pars Petrochemicals Industries,)

    - Sina Middle East Industry

    - Tehran Tanin Gostar (Oil and Gas Industries)

    - Kish ICT

    - Amn Afza Novin Gostar (Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, Oil and Gas)

    - Pishrov Behine noavar

    - Police Department of Lavizan Headquarters

    - Dena Sanat

    - ErFan Electronic Protection

    - Pishgaman Hefazat

    - Dade Kavane Hoshmand (Oil & Gas & Petrochemical)

    - Iranian Degh Protected systems

    - FanAvarane Dadehaye door

    - Tizbeen electronic

    - FanAvarane Sepehr Ertebat

    - Faradid Namayan Saee and ...


▼ On the field of manufacturing of steel structures and hot galvanization of steel structures cooperation with companies such as:

    - Pars Switch

    -Iran Atomic Energy Organization

    - Pars compressor

    - The ability to develop silos

    - Iran Radiator

    - Speeds

    - Management of Iran Power Plants (Mapna)

    - Tom Iran Khodro

    - Bargiran Oil Suppliers

    - Continental Oil

    - Jihad slaughterhouse equipment

    - Equipment suppliers of Iran Gas Company

  • Zeim Electronic Industries

  -  Iran Water and Power Equipment

  -  Shahid Rajaee Power Plant

- Shahzand Power Plant

-    Arak Power Plant

    - Khorasan Power Plant

    - Sahand power plant in Tabriz and ...


▼ In the field of construction and galvanization of power transmission equipment structures:

  Collaboration with companies such as Mapna, Pars Switch, Iran Busbar Niroo, Tabiran, Speedes in projects such as:

    - The 400 KW line of Ken-Ziaran

    - Parand Power Plant

    - 230 kV Ali Abad-Esfarayne line

    - Shazand Arak Power Plant

    - The 63 KW line of Bakhtaran

   - Qazvin's Power Plant

    - Nuclear power plants in Bushehr, Isfahan, Natanz, Arak

    - Roodshur combined cycle power plant and ...


▼ In the field of construction and supplying of equipment and bases of lighting:

   Collaboration with private and semi-private companies such as Tabiran, Iran Nasr Basbar, Mahtab Tehran Structures, West Power Supply, Tirasad Aksin in Projects:

    - Lighting project of highway of Qom to Tehran, length 50 km,

    - Lighting project of Royan to Nowshahr  in length 35 km

    - Khorramabad lighting project with a length of 10 km

    - Bushehr lighting project 15 km long

    - Sarbaz city lighting project in Sistan Baloochestan, 12 km long

    - Lighting project of Abhar's to Zanjan and Khorramabad project

    - Shirinou Residential Lighting Project in Assaluyeh

    - Northern Coast ring Lighting Project and Bojnourd garrison Lighting

    - Projects of Zanjan, Mazandaran and Khorramabad lighting and ...

    - Solar bases Lighting Project owned by National Building Company

    - Jahan Ara Steel Project in Khorramshahr owned by National Building Company

    - Zanjan and Abhar lighting projects and ...


▼ On the field of designing and construction of flagstone bases up to 120 meters height, with examples of its installed in Tehran including:

    - The flagpole of 82 meter alloy Yazd steel

    - 35 meter flagpole of Baharestan Square (Islamic Consultative Assembly)

    - The 50-meter flagpole in the Navab Ave

  • 50 meter flagpole of Daneshjoo Park

    - The 50-meter flagpole of entrance of the Shahrake Garb of output ring of from east Hemat to west

    - Five 50 meter flagpoles running in area 2 of Tehran and ...


▼ In the field of cooperation with the municipalities of the country to supply and equip the towers of squares and parks:

   - 100 light towers of 30-15 meters long with fixed or movable baskets

    - Khark Island 11 tower of light tower (for oil and gas)

    - Islamshahr Municipality; 10 light towers to a height of 25 meters with eighteen 400 watts projectors

    - Robat Karim Municipality; 10 light towers to a height of 30 meters with 24 and eighteen 1000 and 400 watts projectors.

    - Rabat Karim Municipality (Northern Belt Light Project and Atre Yas Park)

    - Tehran Municipality; the construction and galvanisation of 18 meter bases for sports grounds of neighborhoods

    - Municipality of Fouman and Lashte Nesha and ...

    - Ilam Tril Co. in the lightening project of clarification of goods of Mehran border with 30 light tower to a height of 30 meters


▼ To build telecommunication towers and cooperate with companies such as:

   The construction of manopal telecommunication towers from the height of 6 to 60 meters as well as the towers of anchoring and self-restraint from the height of 18 to 66 meters

    - Smart Communication Company

    - Pars Telefon Kar

    - Sahand Faranegar Communications

    - Takfam Smart Communication

    - Sanam Co.

    - SaIran Co.

    - Kia Saze Ahwaz

    - Unit Mobile

    - Pooyan Kavoshgar industry

    - Aseman Ertebat Pars

    - Mammoth Telecom

    - Creating communication, Sepehr communication

    - Communication Bina

  • Parmand Development of communications
  • Honam Telecommunication technology company

    - Novin Argam Azarbaijan company

    - Neuron Communications Development Company

    - Koosha Pooya electronics

    - Development of Fars Artists

  - RighTel Communications Services Co.

▼ In the field of hot galvanized steel structures related to building industry:

    - Construction and galvanizing of galvanized niches for Kish and Khar Islands amounting to 700 tons

    - - Construction and galvanizing of galvanized niches for 500 tons of water and soil dam equipments

    - Construction and galvanization of residential complex structures with the ability to install and assemble the joints of the plate and beads

Khavar Rooy

This company is the only one company that provides warranty on galvanization of steel structures according to ASTM A123 standard for lifetime product warranties to contracting companies.

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