Hot galvanized plate

Hot galvanized factory

 This unit consists of two completely separated halls, in the first hall, the stages of degreasing and derusting, and in the second hall, preheat and immersion in the melt bath stages are done. The dimensions of the melt bath are 700 cm long, 130 cm wide and 150 cm deep.

Fields of activity of this unit include:

  Galvanization of monopole structures, self-static and other mobile communication structures of Iran Telecom company and other companies involved in Mobile Communications

  Galvanization of Sound and Vision towers

  Galvanizing and manufacturing of back- structures of sending antennas and receiving satellites of banks and Sound and Vision

  Galvanization of structures related to the distribution of electricity including:

        - Poor, medium and high pressure posts

        - Power transmission towers from 63 to 400 kV

        - Components related to distribution structures of 20 kV

  Galvanization of structures related to the power generation industry including:

        - hydro-electric power plants

        - Fossil fuel power plants

        - Combined cycle power plants

        - Nuclear power plants

          (Such as Shahid Rajaee Power Plant, Arak Shazand Power Plant, Montazer Ghaem Power Plant, Bushehr Power Plant, Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant and ...)

   Galvanizing of structures related to conversion and textile industries including:

        - Heat converters

        - Alterant industries

        - Food and Drug Industries

   Galvanization of structures related to oil, gas and petrochemical industries

Khavar Rooy

This company is the only one company that provides warranty on galvanization of steel structures according to ASTM A123 standard for lifetime product warranties to contracting companies.

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